Notion has been getting a lot of popularity in hosting websites and various kinds of webpages.

Although traditionally being used as a all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases, it is now being used to host complete domains in itself.

It offers a lot of functionality, with respect creating pages with a lot of customization and personalization.

In order to host your own website on Notion, there are couple of fairly simple hacks involved.

The steps involved are broadly are:

Create your pages

First build your pages in Notion. I strongly recommend the well thought of template Pack made by Sam @thisdickie

Configure your domain / sub-domain to use Cloudflare Workers

Your need to configure your domain nameservers to point to cloudflare to properly route your domain requests to the right Notion pages

Configure Cloudflare workers (leverage Fruition: Free, Open Source Toolkit for Building Websites with Notion)

Next, you setup the workers using code generated from Fruition. This allows to use your custom domain and also override the default URLs generated by Notion with more well formed, pretty URLs for your site.


By hosting your site on Notion, you can easily create a functional webpage very quickly, with a high degree of customization.

You can also leverage the functionalities and flexibilities that Notion allows to suit your interests and needs.


There are various reasons for doing so. Notion based sites are not free to start. Here is a way to do it for free, the only criteria that you need to spend a bit of time customizing your site.

Why Not?

Few complaints for not using Notions are:

  • Not SEO friendly (meta-tags etc). Apparently the pages don’t discover on Google well. If thats critical to your activities, you may want to go a different way in the long term
  • Limited ability to extend to meet custom requirements

Both are fair points. Make your choice! I choose Hugo for scalability and ability to make swift hacks for this business. But, there are other areas why I believe Notion would serve me pretty well!

What next?

Go n0c0de - make awesome things!